​no one will ever judge me for scrolling past things again

Thank you immunity cat






this is my favorite photo of john green <333

this is Steve Buscemi on an episode of 30 Rock… not John Green

I don’t mean to embarrass you but you’re totally completely wrong

also, there is absolutely no show by the name “30 Rock” since it’s illegal for television shows in America to begin with numbers I can’t believe you didn’t know that lmao idiot

Hmm really? There’s 8 Simple Rules (for dating my teenage daughter) and 90210.

The writers for 8 Simple Rules got arrested and they’re currently in jail for even attempting to give a show that title and the creator of 90210 got deported and is on the FBI’s most wanted list for creating a show entirely with numbers how do you not know THAT lmao you are way too stupid to be on a computer

No, I’m pretty sure that is Steve Buscemi…and there is a show called 30 Rock by Tina Fey…All the creators of 90210 are Americans…therfore can not be deported from America (if that were the case it would have hit big news.) 24 is also an example of a show that begins with a number. 10 Things I Hate About You is another example of a show in America that begins with a number.

this must have been done at least a thousand times